Collect all revenues and fund-peer official receipts and deposit-based implementation of the decisions of the Board from a financial point of calculation and verification of compliance with the terms of the budget and internal regulations and signing with the President or his deputy on the checks and the fund transfers, overseeing the accounts of the Fund and organized, and save All papers and documents relating to a financial affairs in his custody at the headquarters of the fund, payment of employees’ salaries and users and lists of purchases of all types in accordance with the rules of procedure, provide a financial report each month to the board of Directors, retain Basalafh sustainable in the fund, the final accounts for the financial year ended and the preparation of preparation the budget for the coming year and presented to the board of Directors for presentation to the General Assembly, taken to implement the decisions of the board of the financial procedures

Mugaiteeb Nora Chairman of Board of Directors
Suha Alglt Vice President
Hanan Albawardi “training”
Fawzia bliss “media”
Fawzia Shubaily “financial”
Pretty forsaken “public relations”
Judge boom “research and help.”




Rana Aldhak


Rawan Al Amer


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